“We have standing partners in all categories to help facilitate your home sales process.”
— Mike Ficzner, COO

ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM                                                                                                              

Just because you’ve decided to sell your home on your own doesn’t mean you won’t need help. Even without enlisting the help of a real estate agent, you simply can’t do everything by yourself!

You will need two or three key people to assist you, your mortgage banker or lender and a real estate attorney and/or title company. We have our standing partners in all categories to help facilitate your FSBO Sale process.  

buyer procurement

Our $500 flat fee listing is what we refer to as our “Equity Preservation Plan.”  This is a strategic option for homeowners who are willing to put in a bit more effort in order to sell their home with less expense.  This is the best option for a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listing to get advertised on the MLS without having to pay a Realtor those outlandish commissions that are so common.  

Your listing will appear on every major real estate website including ...

   * Zillow.com
   * Realtor.com
   * Trulia.com
   * Homes.com
   * HomeFinder.com
   * NeighborhoodScout.com
... for a total of over 200 websites ... within 24 hours!

With our Flat Fee Listing, we charge an upfront fee of just $500 and give you the following services:

  • We will get your home listing uploaded to the MLS for exposure to the entire Internet marketplace.
  • We will provide you with a professionally-designed sign and lockbox.
  • We will upload all your photos you would like for publishing on the MLS. (limit of 25)
  • We will provide PDF spec-sheets generated through your MLS listing for you to provide to potential buyers.
  • We will provide you with contracts, addendums, and other legal forms you will need along the way.
  • We will give you professional coaching along the way to help you sell your home.
  • We will set you up in an automated showing system so agent showing requests will all come to you via an app we will send you for your smart phone. This app also allows you to track showings and feedback.
  • We will get feedback for you for every single showing that takes place on your home.

Note: you may convert a Flat Fee Listing over to a Full-Blown Marketing Plan at any time. Your flat fee of $500 will simply be deducted from our end commission.


The job of this team member is two fold:

1. They can pre-qualify any interested buyers for you. This way, you can quickly determine the buyers who can get approved for a loan and weed out those that are financially incapable of buying your home.

2. They can prepare financing breakdowns on your house to go along with your “Highlights” sheet. The sheets can provide potential buyers with concrete figures as to how much they will need for a down payment, monthly payments, etc., in order to buy your home.


Real estate attorneys/title companies can help you in preparing the sales contract once you have found a buyer. In addition, they can help you draft or revise your disclosure documents or other necessary documents pertaining to the sale of the home.